Geek 101 Homework: Mindhunter

The landscape of criminal based programs in entertainment today reads like a road trip across all of the United States. Along the way you’ll find some gems like a great pulled pork sandwich or the world’s largest ball of twine but ultimately the drive is filled with hours of bland sameness. Sameness is the sinRead More

Ep. 123 Top 10 Sci-Fi Films

Ariel and Mike finally break down our top 10 Science Fiction films. We break down the details and distinctions behind our reasoning and lay out 10 films that are among the best in Sci-Fi cinema. Aliens, Clones, Artificial Intelligence, Outer Space! We talk it all!   Follow us on twitter! ( And check out ourRead More

Ep. 122 Rick and Morty S3

Join us this week as we rank the ten episodes of Rick and Morty S3. Before that, we talk the two major trailers dropped this week; Black Panther and The New Mutants. Did Black Panther reveal too much too soon? The two minute trailer showed us some serious spoiler-worthy details months away from the premier.Read More

Ep. 121 Blade Runner 2049

Despite a long weekend at New York Comic Con the Geek 101 crew is here to deliver another jam packed episode!   In news this week toxic fandom was put on full display as Rick and Morty fans made a stink over some McDonald’s Szechuan sauce…You heard that right.  Grown men whined about not gettingRead More

Ep. 119 Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Ariel and Mike discuss the Matthew Vaughn’s latest film; Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The super spy sequel had its share of ups and downs but listen in to find out what really stood to your two hosts. Don’t forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe! Follow us on twitter! ( And check out our patreon!

Ep. 118 Marvel’s Legacy

. Ariel and Mike talk the legacy behind Marvel Comics and it’s most famous characters. We discuss new iterations behind popular heroes and how the universe translates from page to screen. Don’t forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe! Follow us on twitter! ( And check out our patreon!