Captain America Civil War teams revealed

By now all of geekdom is much hype for the Captain America: Civil War movie releasing May 2016. If you haven’t read the original source material it’s worth a pickup. While the scope is smaller than the comics it seems Marvel Studios is going to deliver an epic battle(s) for all fankind.

civilwarbannerIt’s been set up since their early interactions in Avengers but Captain America and Iron Man are on different sides regarding the Sokovia Accords. The teams have now been revealed in some concept artwork through a exclusive.

Team Iron Man:
ironThe only surprise is the defection of Black Widow. She’s worked closely with Hawkeye in the past and seemed to develop a good working relationship with Captain America in Winter Soldier. What gives with the swerve? Obviously, Vision would side with Iron Man but it seems to give his side a pretty big advantage. ¬†The Black Panther art also looks pretty sweet. Seems like the images we’ve seen of filming may be different from the final post-production look they’re going for.

Cap is rolling with:
capThis team makes a lot more sense. Sharon Carter as the new addition is news. This would have been a great moment to put someone like Mockingbird on the team as a tie into Agents of Shield¬†and the new spin-off series. This isn’t to say it couldn’t happen but it would have been a great piece of simul-marketing. There’s also the rumor floating around that Mark Ruffalo is involved with the project somehow. It seems Cap will need a Hulk to help turn the tide since Vision is ridiculously overpowered in the cinematic universe. This will also pit Black Widow against a team comprised of every man she’s had a close working relationship with in the MCU. Finally, we can’t help but notice there is no Spider-Man in any of the images. The webslinger famously switches sides in the comics but putting a much younger version of Spidey (than the comics) in the midst of open warfare would seem like a PR nightmare for either side. Our best guess is that he’s used in a cameo role to show the need for the Accords and doesn’t do any of the heavy fighting.

One final piece of concept art revealed today:
What do you think? Team Iron Man or Team Cap? Sound off in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Captain America Civil War teams revealed

    1. Cue the shot of Hulk showing up to smash all of Team Iron Man before crushing Black Widow with a sad Hulk face and then walking off into the sunset.

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