Geek 101 Homework: Mindhunter

The landscape of criminal based programs in entertainment today reads like a road trip across all of the United States. Along the way you’ll find some gems like a great pulled pork sandwich or the world’s largest ball of twine but ultimately the drive is filled with hours of bland sameness. Sameness is the sinRead More

Black Mirror Season 3!

Black Mirror is back!   A recent report by has been confirmed that the critically acclaimed BBC series will go on as a Netflix exclusive.   Netflix is making a habit of picking up well received shows that didn’t fare well in the ratings; i.e. Arrested Development and The Killing .  With the success of those new seasons asRead More

Walking Dead finds Jesus

That’s right comic fans, The Walking Dead has cast Tom Payne as Paul Monroe AKA JESUS! He first pops up in issue 91 as one of the most capable residents of Alexandria so it makes sense to add him into the show. This also seems to corroborate Andrew Lincoln’s speculation that fan-favorite Negan is eventuallyRead More