Ep. 116 Summer Recap & Destiny 2

The 2017 summer movie season has officially ended and it’s the worst we’ve seen in over 10 years! Mike and Ariel look back and compare 2006 and 2017 while also discussing the how 2017 ended up in such bad shape.

We also talk the sudden departure of Colin Trevorrow from Star Wars: Episode IX.

To skip to Destiny II talk head to the (29:00) minute mark!

In the second half of this week’s episode, special guest Arekkz Gaming comes on and talks Destiny and Destiny 2!

Check out his youtube channel! Arekkz Gaming

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Ariel is your typical 90's kid that realized being a casual fan wasn't enough. Instead of channelling his energy into school or extracurricular activities, it went almost exclusively into all things geek. You can find him dressing up as a Disney Pixar boy scout, obsessing over continuity errors, or complaining about how difficult it is to run a podcast and website.

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