I am not a man who cries at movies. I don’t cry reading books or listening to music. I Just don’t get emotionally impacted by works of art yet Logan drained me in a way that few things have ever before and I must admit that I welled up. This movie is much more thanRead More

Rogue One: A New New Hope

**DISCLAIMER** The biggest question on everyone’s mind whenever a Star Wars movie comes out is “Is it better than Empire?”  Let me save you some time for any and all future Star Wars films; No.  The answer will always be no.  The Empire Strikes Back is universally regarded as one of the twenty (or so)Read More

Movie Review: Moana

Since 1937, Disney has been the gold standard for excellence in animated films.  There have been some challengers across the years like Dreamworks and Laika but every child’s animated nostalgia leads back to Cinderella’s castle.  In recent years, Disney has attempted to diverge from their formula of the pretty white princess set in some unnamedRead More