Ep. 94 Legion Review

Noah Hawley's Legion might be the next big thing; get on board.

05 April
Ep. 92 Iron Fist Review pt. 1

Ariel and Mike ignore the critics and provide our own in depth review of the first seven episodes Marvel's Iron Fist.

22 March
Ep. 75 Westworld pt. 1

This week we discuss the hottest thing in Geekdom, Westworld!  Our episode covers all the main characters and many fan theories that have popped up over the last couple of weeks. 

23 November
Ep. 66 NYCC Preview 2016

It's Fall in NYC and that means New York Comic Con is coming up! Ariel and Mike talk the Stan Lee biopic and then preview the upcoming comic convention.

21 September
Ep. 65 Best Teen Teams

School is in session so we got over the best teen-filled super hero teams! We also talk some DC news!

21 September
Ep. 64 2016 Summer Recap

The 2016 summer has come and gone so the Geek 101 duo recap all the geeky goodness (badness?). We also officially anoint Geek Royalty!

07 September
Ep. 63 TV Pilot Pitches

Fall TV pilot season is upon us so Ariel and Mike pitch our own TV show ideas to you! We also talk Ben Affleck's mysterious teaser video.

06 September
Ep. 62 #Racebending

It looks like the iconic Mary Jane will be played by African American actress Zendaya! The trolls are out in full effect and we annoy them further by racebending more incoming comic book movie characters!

25 August
Ep. 61 Future of the DCEU

After Suicide Squad the DC Entertainment Universe isn't in the shape any of us predicted. This episode we go over the upcoming slate of films and discuss what it'll take to get back on track.

25 August
Ep. 60 Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has fared well at the box office so far but how does it measure up to our lofty standards? *Spoiler Alert* Not well.

10 August
Ep. 59 Stranger Things

It’s 80’s nostalgia week on the Geek 101 Podcast as Mike and Ariel review the Netflix phenomenon, Stranger Things!

10 August
Ep. 58 Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek's Kelvin timeline has it's third film in Star Trek Beyond! Ariel and Mike review the sci-fi franchise film, directed by Justin Lin and written by Simon Pegg.

10 August
Ep. 57 Sci-Fi Universes

This week Ariel and Mike talk about the most famous Science Fiction Universes!

10 August
Ep. 56 Game of Thrones S6

Game of Thrones Season 6 has ended and the internet literally won't shut up about it...so neither do we!

10 August
Ep. 55 Faves and Fandoms

It's the one year anniversary of the Geek 101 Podcast so Ariel and Mike discuss our favorites and fandoms across geekdom!

10 August
Ep. 54 Justice League of Zack Snyder

It's been an exciting week in geekdom! Ariel and Mike discuss a big rumor regarding Marvel Studios and Fox. Afterwards we break down the news that came out of the set visit of Zack Snyder's Justice League, who, as you all know is our favorite director.

10 August
Ep. 53 Greatest Battles in Geek History

Everyone loves a good fight! In honor of the knockdown fight that was Game 7 of the NBA Finals; Ariel and Mike review the greatest battles in geek history!

10 August
Ep. 52 Nerd Rage: A Discussion on Irrational Fandom

Nerd Rage has been a loud, brash voice that has plagued geek culture for a long time. Ariel and Mike discuss the state of today's overwhelming sense of irrational fandom.

10 August
Ep. 51 Future of the MCU

The future of the MCU is in the spotlight this week. We give our predictions and thoughts on the 9 (NINE?!) phase 3 films.

10 August
Ep. 50 X-Men: Apocalypse

Episode 50 is here and Ariel and Mike review the hotly anticipated X-Men: Apocalypse! We also discuss Cap's new team, DC Rebirth, and some distressing Star Wars news.

01 June
Ep. 49 X-Men 101

X-Men is one of the premiere properties in comic book history. There are dozens of versions of the iconic mutant super team. Ariel and Mike discuss their prestigious history as we look forward to X-Men: Apocalypse.

01 June
Ep. 48 Gone Too Soon

Ariel and Mike look over some TV shows, movies, and comic books that left us far too soon. We also reflect over the loss of DC comics legend Darwyn Cooke.

18 May
Ep. 45 TV Adaptation Wishlist

What comic book properties would you want to see adapted to the small screen?

27 April
Ep. 44 Ghost in the Shell and the Issue of Race

Ariel is joined by special guest, Sarah, as they tackle the tough discussion regarding whitewashing, privilege, and the casting of Scarlet Johansson in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell film.

20 April
Ep. 43 Re-Casting Call

On this week's episode Ariel is joined by a guest to recast some famous roles in films of geeky past.

20 April
Eps 40 & 42  Daredevil Season 2 Review

Our review of Daredevil season 2 is complete! Make sure to check out both episodes to hear our review of the Man without Fear!

06 April
Ep. 41 Batman v. Superman: Review

Batman v. Superman is one of the most critically panned movies in the history of superhero films. How could a massive budget, decorated actors, and three of the most beloved characters in fiction fail? Ariel and Mike discuss.

30 March
Ep. 39 Dat Civil War Trailer and Final Four

Dat Civil War trailer doe...

16 March
Ep. 38 Best Comic Book Duos and Elite Eight Matchups

It's dangerous out there in the streets of Marvel and DC and any street level hero needs a good partner to watch his back. Ariel and Mike give their list of the best street level comic book duos. Stay till the end to hear about our Elite Eight matchups!

16 March
Ep. 37 Geek 101 March Madness

It's March Madness in NCAA Basketball and brackets are all the rage! Ariel and Mike make their own superhero brackets and discuss who would win in a NCAA tourney.

16 March
Ep. 36 Best R Rated Geek Films

R Rated films are all the rage since Deadpool smashed box office records. Ariel and Mike look back at all the best R rated geeky films that led the way.

16 March
Ep. 35 Deadpool: Review

Deadpool is one of the most anticipated movies of the year. What did Ariel and Mike think of it? Also, what does it's success mean for R rated comic book movies?

01 March
Ep. 34 Famous Rip-Offs

Deadpool is one of comics' famous rip-off characters. Ariel and Mike go through characters, movies, and TV shows that have secretly (or not so secretly) ripped off existing property!

01 March
Ep. 33 Pick Em: Superbowl Edition

The third installment of our Pick Em series focuses on Football! In honor of the Super Bowl, we pit the heroes against the villains in a brutal football game.

02 February
Ep. 32 What is DC Doing?!

DC Comics is in a state of flux in all three facets: movies, television, and comics. So, Mike and Ariel ask the question, DC...what are you doing?

02 February
Ep. 31 Secret Wars and Comic Book Crossovers

Secret Wars is all done and the Geek 101 duo do their best to recap and review. We also look at comic book crossovers and their effect on the comic book movie.

02 February
Ep. 30 The Week in Geek

No regular topic today! Ariel and Mike go over the news and give their input! From Han Solo to the Man of Steel; lots to talk about!

02 February
Ep. 29 Best and Worst Reboots

It's a new year and it's time to reboot those failed resolutions! Speaking of reboots, Ariel and Mike discuss the best and worst reboots!

23 January
Ep. 28 Best and Worst of 2015

Join us for the 1st Annual Geek 101 Awards! Best film! Best New Series! Most Disappointing! Ariel and Mike hand out all the awards!

13 January
Ep. 27  Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The biggest movie of the year is finally here! Ariel and Mike are joined by a guest as they rave about the long-awaited Episode VII.

10 January
Ep. 26 Star Wars 101

Star Wars is the biggest cinematic property of all time. Look back at the franchise as a whole before we move forward to the new Star Wars films.

06 January
Ep. 25 The Hype is Sometimes Real

Ever feel like movies aren't worth the hype? Ariel and Mike go back and look at when the hype was and wasn't real.

06 January
Ep. 23 & 24 A.K.A. Jessica Jones pt. 1 & 2

Our first two parter episodes focus on the Jessica Jones series!

21 December
Ep. 22 Geeks Can Be Thankful Too!

This holiday season it's easy to take things for granted. Ariel and Mike do their best to give you all the geeky things to be thankful!

21 December
Ep. 21 Video Game Movies

Video Games have been spawning movies for years but how many of them have been good? Join Mike and Ariel as they discuss.

16 December
Ep. 20 Pick Em: Superhero Basketball Teams

Who would participate in a 5 on 5 pick up game between Marvel and DC? Ariel and Mike draft up their dream teams.

12 November
Ep. 19 Supergirl Recap

Supergirl is the latest of many comic book centric shows to come out. Ariel and Mike discuss how the Girl of Steel fared while checking in on the state of comic book fall television.

28 October
Ep. 18 Time Travel 101

The final trailer for Star Wars! Back to the Future day! Geeking out on Time Travel! Our next episode is stuffed with nerdiness.

26 October
Ep. 17 NYCC and Season Premiere Recap

Ariel and Mike have much to discuss after the craziness of New York Comic-Con and all the wonderful comic book shows that premiered this month.

26 October
Ep. 16 Pick Em: Zombie Apocalypse Team

The zombie apocalypse is a pretty nasty scenario. Only the best of the best can survive. Ariel and Mike choose the most well equipped Marvel and DC heroes to conquer the zombie-verse.

07 October
Ep. 15 Comic-Con Survival Guide

Need help getting through your local comic-con? Let our two veterans guide you through a successful comic convention experience.

30 September
Ep. 14 Fall TV Previews

There are way too many Geek TV shows out there. Get a look at what you can look forward to this fall TV season.

24 September
Ep. 13 Marvel Comics Geek Cred

Thanks to the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe there are many people out there that claim to be true Marvel fans. Do you need to elevate yourself from the median? Listen in.

24 September
Ep. 12 DC Comics Geek Cred

Ever wonder what it takes to be a true hardcore DC comics fan? Listen to Ariel and Mike discuss what you need to get your DC Comics Geek cred.

10 September
Ep. 11 Overrated Characters

It's hard to explain what makes a character overrated; or to call a character overrated without backlash from their fans. Ariel and Mike tackle the problem in the latest Geek 101 episode.

10 September
Ep. 10 Fear the Walking Dead

The Geek 101 duo stand divided on AMC's latest endeavor into the zombie market. Oh wait, the "walker/undead/infected" market.

10 September
Ep. 8 Fant4stic Review

Check out a review of how not fantastic this movie turned out to be. Not really. Listen to Ariel and Mike break down Fant4stic while trying to not explode in nerd rage.

10 September
Ep. 9 Underrated Comic Book Characters

You ever feel that your favorite characters don't get their due? So do we! Everyone knows Batman, Superman, and Spider-man. Get educated and join the Geek 101 crew as they pull out some awesome comic book characters that we think deserve more attention.

19 August
Ep. 7 Best and Worst Casting

Listen to Ariel and Mike discuss the best and worst casting in comic book movies!

13 August
Ep. 6 The Fastest Man Alive

Have you caught up on The Flash yet? Do you need affirmation of your thoughts if you have? Listen to Ariel and Mike ramble on about everyone's favorite lightning-quick speedster.

06 August
Ep. 5 Marvel’s Ant-Man

Listen in for the review of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Ant-man. Ariel and Mike bring their perspective on Marvel's tiniest Avenger.

06 August
Ep. 4 Batman v. Superman Trailer Review

Listen to Ariel and Mike discuss the hotly anticipated Batman v. Superman Trailer!

06 August

Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus

11 July

Moving forward, do we believe that Fox can keep up their good work? Or will they return to the slump that haunted them for quite a long time. Ariel and Mike wonder, do we believe in their vision? Can we put our trust in Fox?

11 July

This is no mere list of which movies are good and which are bad. What’s the criteria for our lists you ask? Which movie takes the source material and makes a worthy adaptation of it in film. Download the episode and see which movies make the lists!

11 July